Mirror Glass

Mirrors are manufactured by applying a silver or aluminium coating to a suitable substrate. The most common substrate is clear floatglass. The reflective coating is applied to the back surface of the glass so that the reflecting side of the coating is seen on the front surface of the glass. The silver or aluminium coating itself is covered and protected  by 2 layers of strong paint.

On 3 pictures in this section you can see mirror slidingdoors with safetyback film (the glass sticks to the film when the mirror breaks)

We can also supply processed mirrors, with polished edges, bevelled edges, and mirrors for slidingdoors, for schools, hospitals etc. We can apply safetybackfilm on the back of the mirrors for safetyreasons (the glass sticks to the film when the mirror breaks)

We also supply aluminium mirrors in various thicknesses. Common thicknesses are 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 mm.